L'amour... Simples e Belo!

Ola! Aqui vai a segunda parte do nosso photoshoot!
Se voce ainda nao viu o primeiro, e so clicar Aqui!

Você, dos olhos brilhantes e sorriso de menino. Você do beijo doce e do abraço terno. Você que me faz ser grande, mesmo quando me sinto pequena. Você que entende meus gestos e meus medos. Que conhece todos os meus segredos, que me me mantém segura, quando nem eu estou segura de mim. Você que faz as horas voarem, assim como meus pensamentos voam por você. Você que me faz sonhar, me faz enxergar e faz da minha vida um sonho. Você é tudo o que eu tenho, e tudo o que eu sonhei ter um dia. Ei, você, que me faz feliz! Eu te amo.


Holiday Glam

It's beginning to look a lot like X-mas!... and because of that, 
I decided to bring you all holiday outfits ideas!
Is everyone excited for x-mas just like I am? lol! It's the best season.
Ok, so back to the outfit. For this first look I wanted to bring you something out of the usual.
We usually opt for dresses, but you can be well dressed in pants too.
It's a  men's inspired look, with a very girly twist to it: the shiny pants.
I personally believe that we need to use and abuse 
all shiny materials that comes our way on the holidays.
You can still keep your comfort, because let's be real, a pant's gives you the comfort 
that almost no skirt can, and you still get to look elegant with that edgy look!
Hope you all have a happy holiday's and look FABULOUS, people! xxx


Orange is the New Black

Rumors has it that Orange is the new black!
All I can say is that as long as they come in cute tops like this one, I'm in!
Anything other than that, I'm out!.. if you know what I mean! lol ;)

Skirt - hm (last season, similar here)
Blouse, Shoes & Jacket - Zara ( last season)
Necklace - Stradivarius


Palamidi Castle - Nafplio

Hello everyone!
As most of you all know, my husband and I went on a weekend getaway last month.
On our last day as we spent discovering the beauties of the Palamidi Castle.
I am always overwhelmed as to how these things were built at that certain time!..
It's really quite a lot to take in and to be sincere, I don't think we can picture the greatness of it all,
it's all too much, and I personally just stand in awe.
Other than the Castle itself, what is really striking from up there, is the view!
From one side you have the city, and from the other side you have the sea, just the perfect combination to get a taste of them both. It's hard to portrait all this greatness into pictures,
but I hope that you guys get a pretty good idea from the ones we took!
Nafplio is certainly a place we recommend.We had a great time!
Enjoy, and sorry for the pic's overload... They are all too pretty to be left out.

For any historical references click here: Palamidi Castle

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